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An Artistic Community: Hope School of Fine Arts Biennial Faculty Show


Bottom Row (L to R): Barry Gealt, Jeffrey Wolin (Director of the School of Fine Arts), Ed Bernstein, Yolande McKay; Second Row (L to R): James Nakagawa, Eve Mansdorf, Joan Sterrenburg, Georgia Strange; Third Row (L to R): Dan Schlapbach, Amos Kennedy, Jr., Erling Sjovold, Dale Newkirk; Top Row (L to R): Budd Stalnaker, John Goodheart

The Indiana University Art Museum will mark the beginning of the new year with a large exhibition, An Artistic Community: Hope School of Fine Arts Biennial Faculty Show, January 22 - March 14, 1999, in the Museum's Special Exhibitions gallery .

While the exhibition of almost thirty artists will include some familiar names (such as Budd Stalnaker, Barry Gealt, and Jeffrey Wolin), it also presents a chance to greet several newcomers to Bloomington. Among the new faces are designer and book artist Amos Kennedy, Jr., painter Erling Sjovold, and photograghers James Nakagawa and Dan Schlapbach. A special feature of this year's show will be the recognition of the last year of teaching for Robert Barnes, the Ruth N. Halls Professor of Fine Arts. However, even within the works of long-term faculty members, there are sure to be some surprises. Faculty shows often provide the perfect venue for artists to show their latest works (many hot off the press or fresh off the easel!). Because of the biennial nature of the Art Museum's faculty exhibitions, local residents are offered an almost unprecedented chance to watch the development of regional artists' careers. With the wide-ranging backgrounds and training of the school's faculty members, it is a little bit like bringing a taste of the art movements across the country into Indiana University's own backyard.

Come and meet Indiana University's rich community of artists at an opening reception on Friday, January 22, 1999, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the Art Museum's first floor atrium. The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public.

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