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This Side of Eden: Images of Steinbeck's California


This Side of Eden: Images of Steinbeck's California covers a tumultuous period in California's and the country's history, two world wars and the Great Depression. It was also a time in which John Steinbeck found inspiration to produce his most famous writings, among others, "Tortilla Flat" and "East of Eden." Many of the works in the exhibition reflect Steinbeck's literature and influence.

Organized by the National Steinbeck Center museum in Salinas, California, the exhibition features over fifty works of art from forty different artists reflecting California in the 1920's, 30's and 40's. Curated by Patricia Leach, National Steinbeck Center executive director, and Steve Hauk, This Side of Eden: Images of Steinbeck's California is accompanied by a color catalogue. The exhibition represents an intrinsic view of an inspiring and trying time that generated both art and literature of great historic and artistic value. Works include rural scenes in the Salinas Valley, and early Monterey as well as local customs and life during those
years. Several important watercolors by Millard Sheets discovered in 1988 showing the lives of 1930's migrant fieldworkers are also part of the exhibition.

Other artists in the exhibition include Leon Amyx, Bruce Ariss, Albert Barrows, Jane Berlandina,·Peggy Worthington Best, Lee Blair, Lester Boronda, Burton Boundey, Frances Brooks, Lois Green Cohen, Sam Colburn, George Corbit, James Peter·Cost, George DeMaine, Albert Thomas DeRome, Marguerite Dorgeloh, James Fitzgerald, Oscar Gaigiani, Frank J. Gavencky, August Gay, Jay Hannah, Armin Hansen, Doug Kingman, Emil Kosa Jr., Art Landy, Jeannette Maxfield Lewis, Xavier Martinez, Frank Harmon Myers, Smith O'Brien, Gottardo Piazzoni, Julius Pommer, Granville Redmond, Henrietta Shore, Ray Strong, Herman Struck, Alexander Warshawsky and Willaim Harvey Wiliiamson.

In addition to Life Lessons: How Art Can Change Your Life, This Side of Eden: Images of Steinbeck's California, will also be on exhibit through January 3, 1999. The museum will be holding a member's opening reception for both exhibitions on Saturday, October 24, 1998, 6 - 9 p.m.

From top to bottom: Art Landy, Field Workers (untitled), c. 1935; Gottardo Piazzoni, Summer, c. 1932

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