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1998 Weir Farm Visiting Artist Exhibition

Jo Ann Walters, Connecticut Landscape

Through February 21, 1999 the Stamford Museum is hosting the 1998 Weir Farm Visiting Artist Exhibition. Artists featured include Mitchell Friedman, Kevin Melchionne, Shaw Sturat, Lori Van Houten and Jo Ann Walters.

According to Constance Evans, Executive Director of the Weir Farm Trust,

"Drawing inspiration from its magical landscape, artists have lived and worked at Weir Farm for 116 years. The preservation of an extraordinary facet of America's artistic heritage is half of the equation in citing the significance of Weir Farm. The other half, equally important, is the preservation of an environment where contemporary artists can thrive. This environment includes not only the physical landscape, but also an atmosphere in which the creative spirit is both fostered and nurtured. Providing outstanding opportunities for promising artists within the context of this environment is a mandate of the Weir Farm Trust and is critical to the success of the long-range management plan of the Farm."

Ms. Evans adds:

"The Visiting Artists Program was originally envisioned as the first step towards the development of the residency program. Using Weir Farm as an "open air" studio, this program encourages artists to create a cohesive body of work based on their own personal experiences or interpretation of the landscape. Three to five artists are selected through a competitive panel process to spend a period of time, up to one year, working at the Farm.... We are very pleased with this year's outstanding visiting artists Mitchell Friedman, Kevin Melchionne, Shaw Stuart, Lori Van Houten and Jo Ann Walters. We are delighted that the culminating exhibition is being held at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center in Stamford, Connecticut."

The Stamford Museum is loaced at 39 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford, CT.

The Weir Farm Trust is located at 735 Nod Hill Road, Wilton, CT and may be reached by phone at 203.761.9945.


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