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Tacoma Art Museum (7/31/14)

Taft Museum of Art (2/20/08)

Tampa Museum of Art (11/16/06)

Taos Historic Museums (10/27/03)

Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University (8/17/08)

Telfair Museum of Art (2/7/12)

Tennessee State Museum (7/15/01)

Terra Museum of American Art (1/31/04)

Texas State Capitol Historical Art Collection (5/23/00)

Thacher Gallery at University of San Francisco (3/29/08)

Thomas Cole Historic Site (5/19/11)

Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery at Keene State College (6/1/05)

Timken Museum of Art (10/7/99)

Toledo Museum of Art (9/20/02)

Triton Museum of Art (1/8/04)

Trout Gallery at Dikinson College (1/17/04)

Truman Presidential Museum and Library (3/22/01)

Tubac Center of the Arts (10/22/00)

Tucson Museum of Art (3/4/16)

Turtle Bay Museum at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park (3/11/10)

Tweed Museum of Art (7/15/16)

Tyler Museum of Art (8/30/04)


UBS Art Gallery (5/6/09)

UCR/California Museum of Photography (9/24/99)

Ulrich Museum of Art (1/31/06)

University Center Art Gallery / Louisiana State University (9/21/99)

University of Arizona Museum of Art (2/28/05)

University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (5/4/09

University of California, Santa Barbara Art Museum (8/22/02)

University Gallery - University of Massachussetts Amherst (1/22/00)

University of Iowa Museum of Art (11/23//07)

University of Kentucky Art Museum (6/27/16)

University of Louisville, Allen R. Hite Art Institute (2/28/01)

University of Michigan Museum of Art (10/20/12)

University of New Hampshire Art Gallery (10/27/03)

University of Southern Maine Art Gallery (10/25/05)

University of Virginia Art Museum (12/15/09)

USC Fisher Gallery (7/23/04)

Utah Museum of Fine Arts at University of Utah (9/21/10)


Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery (1/20/04)

Van Vechten-Lineberry Taos Art Museum (4/15/00)

Ventura County Maritime Museum (7/31/01)

Ventura County Museum of History and Art (1/14/06)

Vero Beach Museum of Art (5/13/08)

Villa Montalvo (12/18/02)

Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum (11/1/01)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (2/7/14)

Virginia State Capitol Art Collection (2/26/00)

Visual Arts Museum (9/6/06)


Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art (3/6/15)

Walker Art Center (4/20/05)

Walsh (Thomas J.) Art Gallery at Fairfield University (11/7/09)

Walter Anderson Museum of Art (7/5/08)

Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art (10/23/99)

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (8/20/13)

Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science Visual Arts Center (3/23/05)

Weatherspoon Art Museum (5/10/05)

Weir Farm National Historic Site (6/23/99)

West Bend Art Museum (10/4/06)

Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art (8/23/15)

Westmoreland Museum of American Art (3/26/09)

Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University (6/2/99)

Whitney Museum of American Art (3/1/08)

Wichita Art Museum (5/20/11)

Wiegand Gallery at Notre Dame de Namur University (3/23/05)

Wildling Museum (3/4/04)

William Benton Museum of Art at University of Connecticut (6/14/08)

William D. Cannon Art Gallery / Carlsbad City Library (5/3/04)

Williams College Museum of Art (7/30/09)

Wiregrass Museum of Art and Conference Center (11/29/99)

Witte Museum (11/21/08)

Woodmere Art Museum (4/22/09)

Worcester Art Museum (5/16/02)

Wyoming State Museum (6/12/08)


Yale University Art Gallery (9/28/09)

Yeiser Art Center (9/13/00)

Yellowstone Art Museum (4/24/05)

York College Galleries (2/19/00)


Zigler Museum (2/23/99)


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