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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:


Indiana Impressions: The Art of T. C. Steele; article by Rachel Berenson Perry (7/14/16)

The Poetry of Place (5/23/16)

A Zest for Life and Paint: Anna E. Keener (1895-1982); text by Cori Sherman North (3/14/16)

The Art of Zion, A Historical Overview; essay by Deborah Reeder (2/25/16)

A Generous Spirit: Paintings and Prints by Doel Reed; essay by Cori Sherman North (10/10/15)

The Artist in the Connecticut Landscape (9/16/15)

Eliot O'Hara: Ring of Fire (4/29/15)

William Forsyth: Only the Strong Persist; article by Rachel Berenson Perry (12/8/14)

The Floating Hat; play by Steve Hauk (10/9/14)

Refining the Region: The Landscapes of Bayard T. Berndt; article by Ryan Grover (1/17/14)

Refining the Region: The Landscapes of Bayard T. Berndt (1/17/14)

Standing Tall: Lighthouses in Cape and Islands Art (8/20/13)

Masterpieces of American Landscape from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (5/4/13)

The Art of John Pierce Barnes (1893-1954); essay by Kathryn Scimone Stanko (6/3/13)

Lily Spandorff's Charmed Life (Until Now); essay by Brett Busang (11/21/12)

Escape Artist: George Ames Aldrich, essay by Wendy Greenhouse (9/25/12)

Nature in America: Taming the Landscape (8/15/12)

Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey (2/26/12)

"Charles Henry Miller, N.A. (1842 - 1922) - An Artist of Long Island"; article by Geoffrey K. Fleming (2/11/12)

Shadows on the Mesa - Artists of the Painted Desert and Beyond (2/8/12)

The Paintings of Louis Comfort Tiffany: Works from a Long Island Collection (12/17/11)

American Landscapes: Treasures from the Parrish Art Museum (4/29/11)

Sullivan Family Legacy Exhibition; essay by V. Scott Dimond (3/28/11)

Paintbox Leaves: Autumnal Inspiration from Cole to Wyeth (11/16/10)

Painting Utah's Mount Olympus (9/21/10)

Superbly Independent: Early Western Landscapes by Annie Harmon, Mary DeNeale Morgan, and Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel (7/14/10)

Mary DeNeale Morgan, 1868-1948; essay by Julie Armistead (7/14/10)

Annie Lyle Harmon, 1855-1930; essay by Erika Esau (7/14/10)

Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, 1870-1954; essay by Jean Stern (7/14/10)

Engaging with Nature: American and Native American Artists (A.D. 1200-2004) (6/17/10)

Colors of the West: The Paintings of Birger Sandzén; with article by Christine Giles (5/14/10)

Nature and Spirit: American Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries; text by Hansen Mulford (3/19/10)

Sargent and the Sea (3/12/10)



The Continuing Allure: Painters of Utah's Red Rock (2/10/10)

Geology and the Art of Birger Sandzén; essay by James Welsh and Donald Myers (12/15/09)

Introduction: Shaping the Landscape Image, from Shaping the Landscape Image, 1865 - 1910: John Douglas Woodward; text by Roger B. Stein (12/15/09)

The Historic Landscapes of Malibu; article by Michael Zakian (12/14/09)

Meadows and Mountains: The Art of William F. Jackson (12/2/09)

Gunnar Widforss - Painter of the National Parks (11/17/09)

Contemplating the Extraordinary in Nature: Artists and Aesthetic Conservation; essay by Peter H. Hassrick (11/9/09)

Clark G. Voorhees: 1871 - 1933; essay by Barbara J. MacAdam (10/22/09)

Paint the Town -- Charles Burchfield: The Salem Years; article by Richard Wootten (10/5/09)

Prendergast in Italy (7/30/09)

Prendergast in Italy; Gallery guide text for the exhibition by Nancy Mowll Mathews (7/30/09)

Expanding Horizons: Painting and Photography of American and Canadian Landscape 1860-1918 (7/16/09)

Wilson Henry Irvine and the Poetry of Light; essay by Harold Spencer (7/14/09)

Drawn to Nature: John Douglas Woodward's Career in Art; essay by Sue Rainey (6/17/09)

Frank English: Images of a Vanishing American Landscape; article by Michael Schantz (4/22/09)

Visions of Mood: Henry C. White Pastels (4/21/09)

Visions of Mood: Henry C. White Pastels; essay by Amy Kurtz Lansing (4/21/09)

Visions of Mood: Henry C. White Pastels / A Grandson's Appreciation, by Nelson H. White (4/21/09)

An American Celebration; article by Martha R. Severens (3/10/09)

The Virginia Landscape, article by James C. Kelly & William M. S. Rasmussen (2/10/09)

The Book of Nature: American Painters and the Natural Sublime; essay by Francis Murphy (1/8/09)

Introduction - American Landscape Paintings: Selections from the High Museum of Art, Atlanta; essay by Gudmund Vigtel (7/11/08)

Like Breath on Glass: Whistler, Inness, and the Art of Painting Softly (6/24/08)

Manifest Destiny/Manifest Responsibility: Environmentalism and the Art of the American Landscape (5/27/08)

From Cape May to Cairo; essay by Kate Nearpass Ogden (4/25/08)

The Unknown Blakelock; essay by Sharon L. Kennedy (2/12/08)

The Unknown Blakelock (2/8/08)

Grand Canyon Grandeur: Early Paintings and Prints from the Hays Collection (1/28/08)

The Susquehanna: An Evolving Vision; essay by Rob Evans (11/19/07)

Visions of the Susquehanna (11/19/07)

The Modern West: American Landscapes, 1890-1950 (3/30/07)

Vividly True to Nature: Harrison Bird Brown, 1831-1915 (12/26/06)

Frederic Church, Winslow Homer and Thomas Moran: Tourism and the American Landscape (12/14/06)

God's Country: The White Mountains in Art (10/31/06)

The Freedom Business: Connecticut Landscapes Through the Eyes of Venture Smith (6/17/06)

The American Landscape's "Quieter Spirit": Early Paintings by Frederic Edwin Church (1/7/06)



William Aiken Walker: in Florida; essay by Timothy A. Eaton (2/14/05)

May Night: Willard Metcalf at Old Lyme (1/5/05)

Romance of the Bells: The California Missions in Art (8/27/04)

Into the Storm: Expressions in the American Landscape, 1800­1940 (7/15/04)

The Sublime Landscape (4/14/04)

The Grand View: Bierstadt to Brophy (1/15/04)

Three New Exhibitions at Florence Griswold Museum Showcase the Hartford Steam Boiler Collection (1/9/04)

Dual Exhibitions Explore American Landscapes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (9/25/03)

"Landscapes from the Permanent Collection" on display at the Hearst Center (7/23/03)

Portraits of Places: The Prints of Childe Frederick Hassam, an American Impressionist (4/23/03)

The Role of Photography in the Art of S. P. Rolt Triscott, essay by Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. (1/7/03)

Elliott Daingerfield: Victorian Visionary (2/7/02)

Living with Landscapes: Paintings from Private Collections (10/25/01)

Pastoral Interlude: William T. Richards in Chester County, essay segment by Linda S. Ferber and wall panel text of the exhibition (9/18/01)

Native Grandeur: Preserving California's Vanishing Landscapes; "Landscape Painting in California," essay by Jean Stern (8/25/01)

American Impressionism Goes West, essay by Charles C. Eldredge, PhD (8/17/01)

Bicoastal Artists of the 1870s; essay by Ann Harlow (7/21/01)

Thomas Moran and the Spirit of Place (3/27/01)



American Landscapes from the Paine Art Center and Gardens (12/19/00)

After Lewis and Clark: Explorer Artists in the American West (12/8/00)

Landscapes From The Permanent Collection of the Pensacola Museum of Art (11/21/00)

Landscapes From the Permanent Collection: Part II (10/20/00)

Treasures from The Connecticut Impressionist Art Trail: Connecticut's Millennium Legacy Trail (10/3/00)

Changing Visions of the North American Landscape (9/22/00)

Paradise Found: California Impressionism (8/29/00)

American Landscapes from the Paine Art Center & Arboretum (8/28/00)

Plein Air Paintings of The Old Mill by Members of the California Art Club (8/26/00)

The Urban Landscape: Selections from the Permanent Collection (8/1/00)

The Virginia Landscape (7/20/00)

Visions of the Frontier: American Landscapes from the Collection of Ted Turner (7/19/00)

American Landscapes from the MMA Permanent Collection (6/28/00)

Connecticut Impressionists (5/31/00)

Sunlight & Shadow: American Impressionism, 1885-1945 (5/8/00)

American Landscapes from the Paine Art Center and Arboretum (3/31/00)

American Impressionism from the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery (3/10/00)

Shifting Ground: Transformed Views of the American Landscape (2/28/00)

Drawing from Nature: Early Northern California Landscapes (12/8/99)

Landscape at the Millennium (11/10/99)

Subdued Hues: Mood and Scene in Southern Landscape Painting, 1865-1925 (11/6/99)

Monadnock (10/29/99)

Impressionists at PAFA: From Beaux to Benson (10/18/99)

Intimate Vistas: The Poetic Landscapes of William Langson Lathrop (10/13/99)

The Cycle of the Seasons: Autumn and Winter Scenes at Heckscher Museum of Art (10/7/99)

American Tonalism: Selections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Montclair Art Museum (9/11/99)

Frederick J. Mulhaupt (1871-1938): Dean of the Cape Ann School (8/17/99)

Robert Berlind: Paintings (1892 - 1996) (7/21/98)


TFAO references:

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From other websites:

A Genius for Place : American Landscapes of the Country Place Era, an exhibit held February 18, 2012 - August 5, 2012 at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art. Accessed April, 2015.

A Hawaiian Master Revisited: Bartlett in Europe, an exhibit held September 17, 2009 - January 17, 2010 at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Accessed January, 2015.

A Hawaiian Master Revisited: Charles Bartlett at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, an exhibit held August 06, 2009 - October 04, 2009 at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Accessed January, 2015.

American Landscapes: Treasures from the Parrish Art Museum, an exhibit held September 27, 2009 to November 29, 2009 at the Parrish Art Museum, Accessed April, 2015.

American Masterpieces From The Batten Collection, an exhibit held January 26 - July 31, 2011 at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Accessed August, 2015.

At Work in the Wilderness: Picturing the American Landscape, 1820-1920, an exhibit held 14 January 2011 - 20 March 2011 at the Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Accessed August, 2015.

Becoming the Butterfly, Landscapes of James McNeill Whistler, an exhibit held January 25 - April 28, 2013 at the University of Virginia Art Museum. Includes exhibit extended object labels. Accessed May, 2015.

Brushed with Light: American Landscape Watercolors from the Collection, an exhibit held September 14, 2007 - January 17, 2008 at the Brooklyn Museum. From the Brooklyn Museum website which includes a video for which the museum says "Curator Terry Carbone and Paper Conservator Rachel Danzing discuss the process of conserving the works featured in the exhibition Brushed with Light: American Landscape Watercolors from the Collection. This tour took place at the Museum on November 18, 2007." Accessed August, 2015.

Capturing the Light: Landscapes of Maurice Braun, an exhibit held September 13, 2013 - February 16, 2014 at the San Diego Historical Society Museum. Includes essay. Accessed April, 2015.

A Changing Landscape: From the City to the Countryside, (Ron Donoughe and Kevin Kutz) (May 2009), from Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, via its online catalogs page. Accessed August, 2015.

Charles E. Heaney: Memory, Imagination, and Place, an exhibit held January 22 - March 19, 2005 at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University. Includes News Release and Educator Resources. Accessed January, 2015.

Charles Reiffel: An American Post-Impressionist, an exhibit held November 10, 2012 to March 31, 2013 at the San Diego Historical Society Museum. Includes press coverage. Accessed April, 2015.

The Chicago Humanities Festival presents a Terra Foundation for American Art lecture series with art history slideshows online including "Nature's History: American Landscape Art and Environmental Thinking," November 7, 2010, by Angela Miller, art and cultural historian at Washington University. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Constance Fowler: Tradition and Transition, an exhibit held May 11 - July 21, 2013 at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University. Includes video introduction. Accessed January, 2015.

Consuming Views: Art and Tourism in the White Mountains, 1850-1900 an exhibit held September 16, 2006 - October 8, 2007 at Museum of New Hampshire Historical Society, from New Hampshire Historical Society. Accessed August, 2015.

Cross Country: The Power of Place in American Art, 1915-1950 is a 2017 exhibit at the High Museum of Art which says: "Cross Country: The Power of Place in American Art, 1915-1950 gathers works by artists who took inspiration from their surroundings, especially outside the city. Nearly 200 objects show the development of a distinctly American point of view in the beginning of the twentieth century." Also see press release. Accessed 3/17

Desert Landscape - sample of artists and works from askArt. Accessed August, 2015.

Edward Hopper in Vermont, an exhibit held May 23-August 11, 2013 at the Middlebury College Museum of Art. Accessed February, 2015.

Emilio Sanchez: Cityscapes, an exhibit held May 30 - August 12, 2012 at the University of Virginia Art Museum. Includes exhibit extended object labels. Accessed May, 2015.

A Genius for Place: American Landscapes of the Country Place Era, an exhibit organized by the Library of American Landscape History, Amherst, Massachusetts, from Smith College Museum of Art. Accessed August, 2015.

Heat Waves in a Swamp: The Paintings of Charles Burchfield, an exhibit held June 24-October 17, 2010 at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Includes press coverage. Accessed April, 2015.

In Nature's Temple: The Life and Art of William Wendt, an exhibit held November 9, 2008 - February 8, 2009 at the Laguna Art Museum. Accessed February, 2015.

Landscape and figure painters of America (1917) - Ebook from Accessed August, 2015.

The Landscape Sketches of Grace Carpenter Hudson, an exhibit held July 2, 2011 - September 25, 2011 at the Grace Hudson Museum & Sun House. Accessed August, 2015.

LeConte Stewart: Depression Era Art, an exhibit held July 21, 2011-January 15, 2012 at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at University of Utah. Accessed May, 2015.

Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc - The American Landscape from 1830-1980. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Masterpieces of American Landscape Painting, 1820-1950, an exhibit held October 20, 2013 - January 12, 2014 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Includes online video interviews with USC Assistant Professor of Art History Ross Barret and Karen E. Quinn of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Accessed August, 2015.

Maynard Dixon's West: Collection of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Hays, an exhibit held February 28, 2010 - June 10, 2010 at the Grace Hudson Museum & Sun House. Accessed August, 2015.

Miss Hills of Laguna Beach - Anna Althea Hills: Art, Education, Community is a 2016-17 exhibit at the Laguna Art Museum, which says: "The landscape painter Anna Althea Hills (1882-1930) was one of the highly talented artists whose presence in the community helped put Laguna Beach on the map as a premier art colony during the first decades of the twentieth century....A founding member of the Laguna Beach Art Association in 1918, Hills was one of its most dynamic and progressive members, showing remarkable leadership skills. Between 1922 and 1930, she served as the LBAA's president for a total of six years (1922-25 and 1927-30)." Accessed 11/16

Paintings by Frank V. Dudley from the James Moeller Collection is a 2016 exhibit at the Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University. Gregg Hertzlieb, Director/Curator of the the Brauer Museum of Art says in the exhibit brochure: "Eleven paintings from various periods of the career of Frank V. Dudley (1868-1957) appear in this exhibition that highlights the fine works acquired over the years by Midwest collector James Moeller. Through key early works to later light-filled landscape scenes, Dudley is well represented by beautiful and significant paintings that expand on the legacy and understanding of this legendary Dunes artist." Link is to exhibit brochure with essay by Barbara Stodola. Accessed 12/16

Schofield: International Impressionist, an exhibit held September 18, 2014 - January 25, 2015 at the Woodmere Art Museum. includes micro-site for exhibit. Accessed May, 2015

The Unknown Blakelock was a 2008 exhibit at the Sheldon Museum of Art which says: "The Unknown Blakelock expands our view of the artist's achievement and confirms his modernist vision by identifying specific examples that enlarge our sense of the breadth and variety of his life's work. While the exhibition includes his signature moonlight scenes and Indian encampments, its focus is on lesser-known subjects that may have motivated Blakelock to venture beyond traditional norms and experiment with original methods of painting." Viewers may download the exhibition brochure. Accessed 1/17 Also see in RL The Unknown Blakelock; essay by Sharon L. Kennedy (2/12/08) and The Unknown Blakelock (2/8/08)

The Valley of the Shadow, American Landscapes in the Time of the Civil War, an exhibit held August 31 - December 16, 2012 at the University of Virginia Art Museum. Includes exhibit extended object labels. Accessed May, 2015.

White Mountain Art from Wikipedia. Accessed August, 2015.

White Mountain Art and Artists, a website site devoted to the 19th century art of the White Mountains of New Hampshire from John J. Henderson and Roger E. Belson. Accessed August, 2015.

"Nature's History: American Landscape Art and Environmental Thinking" video of Angela Miller's lecture [1:24:58] at Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, 10/23/13. Accessed August, 2015.


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