Intemational Museum of the Horse Purchases Calumet Trophy Collection


In a major victory for the Kentucky Horse Park, the Intemational Museum of the Horse, and racing fans throughout the world, the August 31, 1998 deadline for additional offers on the Calumet farm trophy and painting collection passed with no additional bids being received. This leaves the Museum's offer of $2.7 million as the only bid on the table, and insures that the trophies and paintings will remain at the Kentucky Horse Park.

A a deal was struck in US Bankruptcy Court that approved the sale of the Calumet Farm trophies and paintings to the International Museum of the Horse for $2.7 million. The agreement, however, allowed the bankruptcy trustees until 5.00 p.m. on August 31st to find other bidders willing to make an offer of at least $2,810,000.

After the 18 month battle to save the collection, Park anel Museum officials were thrilled with the outcome. Horse Park Executive Director, Joora Nicholson, stated: "We would again like to express our deep appreciation to Governor Patton and the Commanwealth of Kentucky for their $1.5 million appropriation; Mr. Ted Bassett, Chairman of the Save the Trophies Committee; Mr. Joe Scott who provided astute legal assistance throughsut the campaign, Ms. Sarah Hernandez, Council for the Horse Park and the Tourism Development Cabinet; Mrs. Margaret Glass, longtime secretary at Calumet who started this process some 20 years ago; the staff of the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation; and especially to our many donors - both large and small. It's refreshing to note that sometimes justice does prevail."

With the ownership question settled the Museum staff will now begin the process of updating ann enhancing the Calumet exhibit. According to Museum Director, Bill Cooke; "When we develcrped the exhibit in 1982, we were somewhat limited, both monetarily and by the Farm's management, on what we could do. While the current exhibit has always been popular with those in the horse industry and hardcore racing fans, this only represents around 30% of our visitation. What we want to do now, is to look for exciting ways to bring the Calumet story to life for all of our visitors.

The Calumet Farm trophies and paintings can be seen at the Museum during regular Park hours. The Kentucky Horse Park is located at exit 120, 1-75, just north of Lexington.

From top to bottom: Triple Crown Trophies won by Whirlawag and Citation; Calumet Triple Crown case

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