Financial Assistance Regarding Equipment


TFAO financial assistance for equipment (this program suspended in 2008)

TFAO is willing to provide equipment to approved libraries with broadband Internet public access. TFAO will lend a dedicated computer, monitor and headphones for placement in the library's public Internet access room. The computer's browser will have its home page the domain and will be available during normal library hours. Access to other sites on the Web will be possible through TFAO's web site. TFAO is also willing to provide an agreed upon pro rata maintenance budget for the equipment. The library will contain in essence a digital library for American representational art.

Eligible libraries must evidence stable funding for operations and minimum visitation requirements. TFAO asks applicants to send a letter of inquiry by email to TFAO, and upon TFAO's acceptance of the letter of inquiry, the museum and TFAO work together on further steps leading to project funding.


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