2011 National Calendar of Exhibitions

American Representational Art Exhibitions Hosted by Art Museums and Other Non-Profit Organizations





Arkell Museum at Canajoharie
Drawn to the Same Place: The Drawings of Rufus Grider and Fritz Vogt 1885 - 1900 *
April 1 through August 14
Arrow Rock State Historic Site
Bingham in the Boonstick: A Bicentennial Celebration *
April 2 through Juy 30
Heard Museum
The Art of Ceremony: American Indian Painting of the 20th Century *
April 2 through September 5
Hickory Museum of Art
April 24 through June 26
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Portrait and Presence *
April 16 through August 20
Monterey Museum of Art
From Dawn to Dusk: Gottardo Piazzoni's Final Murals *
April 27 through December 2012
Morris Museum of Art
The Charleston Renaissance: Works on Paper *
April 23 through June 26
Museum of Wisconsin Art
The Yin and the Yang: Schomer Lichtner and Ruth Grotenrath, a Retrospective *
April 27 through July 10
New Britain Museum of American Art
An American Odyssey: The Warner Collection of American Art *
April 1 through July 3
Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University
Bridging the Past: Paul Sargent's Coles County *
April 9 through June 12
Woodmere Art Museum
Demuth in the City of Lights *
April 3 through June 26
Violet Oakley and the Women Artists of Paris *
April 3 through June 26
Violet Oakley: The Building of the House of Wisdom *
April 3 through June 26
Pennsylvania Impressionism and Landscape: From the Collection of Woodmere Art Museum and the Promised Gift of Dr. Dorothy J. del Bueno *
April 3 through June 26


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