National Calendar of Art Exhibitions

with an emphasis on American representational art

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How TFAO updates calendars

On a monthly basis, TFAO reviews the Calendar Update Schedule (see A-C D-G H-L M-Q R-S T-Z) to identify selected museums and other sources for which their follow-up month is expiring. TFAO then reviews the current and future exhibition sections of Web sites of the targeted sources. For each current and upcoming exhibition, TFAO first searches to see if similar articles and essays have been published in Resource Library from all sources, and if further coverage is deemed to be desirable. For material previously not covered, TFAO determines if exhibition coverage will offer readers important insight into American representational art topics not adequately developed, and important biographical information on artists as explained in submitting materials and the Creating new listings from sources other than Resource Library section in Distinguished Artists. Then, for each exhibit TFAO wants to tag for later follow up, TFAO lists in the page for the appropriate year and month in the National Calendar of Exhibitions the name of the institution, name of the exhibit and its opening and closing dates.
TFAO then updates the Schedule's listings for the targeted sources with new dates by listing on the schedule either: (1) the furthest exhibition opening month, or (2) another month which TFAO deems important for follow up. If TFAO has not published an article from a listed museum during the past five years, the museum is deleted from the Calendar Update Schedule.


How TFAO uses the National Calendar of Exhibitions

Early in each month of the current year TFAO reviews the calendar for all of the listed exhibition openings for the prior month. TFAO checks it's list of published exhibition articles and essays in the sub-index page for each related museum to determine if Resource Library has already published an article or essay concerning each calendar listing.
Then TFAO checks to see if similar articles have been published in Resource Library from other sources, and if further information is deemed to be desirable. Using TFAO's catalogs for guidance, TFAO concentrates on adding content where the body of knowledge previously published online is weakest.
If TFAO decides to seek information to enable texts and images to be published in Resource Library, TFAO sends by email a request for exhibition information to the source. TFAO's page on submitting materials explains requirements for publishing a Resource Library article or essay for an exhibition.
TFAO sends requests after the end of the exhibition opening month to allow museums time to gather .jpg images and texts such as gallery guides, brochures or catalogues, exhibition wall panels and labels, as well as press releases.
* indicates inquiry made by TFAO to exhibiting institution
** indicates inquiry made by TFAO to organizing institution
Date in smaller type size following asterisk is the online publishing invitation date from Resource Library to the copyright holder of scholarly texts relating to the exhibit.

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