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TFAO does not catalogue video art, whether created to be shown on the internet, or in museums or galleries. For people interested in online collections of video art, TFAO quotes a March 21, 2007 Slate article by Mia Fineman in which she says:

"There are a number of Web sites that aggregate video and experimental film, most of it either archival or by lesser-known artists. Among of the best of these is UbuWeb, a not-for-profit Web site that bills itself as "the YouTube of the avant-garde." There are more than 300 films and videos available for viewing, ranging from Marcel Duchamp's 1926 classic, Anemic Cinema, to Joseph Beuys' perky pop-music protest video, Sonne Statt Reagan (1982). Because so much of the work here is documentary or archival-and was conceived before large-scale gallery installations became the norm-most of what you'll find is well-suited for Web viewing.
" is a New York-based Web site that currently hosts about 400 videos by artists and filmmakers, most of whom are "emerging" (polite artspeak for "young and relatively unknown"). You can also find scads of new talent on the London-based Saatchi Gallery's Web site, Your Gallery. Anyone is welcome to post here, and hundreds do, enticed by the high-profile imprimatur of advertising mogul and megacollector Charles Saatchi, who provides the bandwidth and prestigious Web address for free."

Accessed May, 2015.


Video Detective provides trailers of documentary films. An example is Norman Rockwell: Painting America, an 86 minute 1999 American Masters Production from Winstar Home Entertainment.based on the award-winning PBS series. Norman Rockwell: Painting in America looks at the life and art of one of America's most celebrated illustrators. Best known for his memorable covers of The Saturday Evening Post, Rockwell achieved unprecedented fame for masterfully showing warmth and humor in his renderings of everyday life. This program includes interviews with artists, critics, historians, friends and admirers, as well as archival newsreel and television footage of the artist himself. VHS/DVD. Click here to view an extended clip of the video. Accessed May, 2015.


Voice of America provides the video Mural Artists Help Beautify Washington, DC. Accessed May, 2015.


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