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Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center / DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum has posted 2 videos: "Painters and Paintings in the Early South" a 5 min video explaining how "preparation for a new exhibit unites artists and conservators" and "Conservation: Where Art and Science Meet" a 2010 5 min video explianing how "museum curators wage daily battle against 10 agents of decay." Accessed 11/16 is a unique, non-profit entity that has an extensive collection of biographies, profiles and interviews of the great thinkers, achievers and influencers of our time. The site features video segments of an interview with Native American artist Fritz Scholder recorded on June 29, 1996 at Sun Valley, Idaho. Accessed May, 2015.


Lorna Simpson, an exhibit held September 20, 2014 - January 4, 2015 at the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy. Includes links to 8-page gallery guide, 70-minute video of Lorna Simpson's artist's talk held November 9, 2014, and commentary about Lorna Simpson's work with students at the Addison. Accessed January, 2016.


The Allentown Art Museum was featured in a WFMZ video titled American Pop Art. The 11-minute video covers three 2014 exhibits. Accessed June, 2015.


The Amarillo Museum of Art has videos posted on this page. One of the videos, titled "An Uncommon Dream," (25 min, 26 sec) is a documentary made in advance of the opening of an exhibition titled An Uncommon Dream: The Amarillo High School Collection of 19th and 20th Century Art, held in 2010 at the Amarillo Museum of Art. Dr. Graziella Marchicelli wrote an article on the exhibition in the March-April 2010 issue of American Art Review. Dr. Marchicelli also initiated the documentaries program for the Amarillo Museum of Art. Accessed May, 2015


American Folk Art Museum posted a Bill Traylor panel discussion video [51:36] related to the exhibit Bill Traylor: Drawings from the Collection of the High Museum of Art and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, held July 11, 2013-September 22, 2013. Accessed August, 2015.


The American Museum of Natural History presented Preparing a Museum Group. This 12-minute video, narrated by Ray de Lucia, features archival footage of Wilson working on the Fisher and Porcupine diorama in the Hall of North American Mammals. James Perry Wilson's great artistic skill and feeling are evident in many of the diorama backgrounds in the Hall of North American Mammals, including the majestic view of the Wyoming plains depicted in the Bison and Pronghorn Group. Wilson's views, whether of field, forest, or mountaintop, beautifully convey both the details and character of each scene and fuse imperceptibly with the scene's foreground. Each diorama represents a specific location, carefully selected in the field and faithfully depicted in the foreground exhibits and the background paintings. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Artists' Techniques Rendered Habitat Dioramas Mesmerizingly Real blog page from American Museum of Natural History includes two videos. Accessed August, 2015.

Birding at the Museum: Great Diorama Artists blog page from American Museum of Natural History includes a video, plus links to similar videos. Accessed August, 2015.


Ann Arbor District Library presents a 50-minute video of a November 11, 2015 lecture by Bruce Eric Kaplan, renowned New Yorker cartoonist, discussing his Memoir "I Was A Child" at the library. Accessed December, 2015


Arizona Highways Television is a series of programs devoted to exploring the highways and byways of Arizona. The television programs were created in the spirit of Arizona Highways magazine, a division of the Arizona Department of Transportation. Arizona Highways Television was created in partnership with The Arizona Republic. Programs include:

Accessed May, 2015


Arizona Public Media offers

-- a June 3, 2008 video (05:04) to compliment the exhibit Lee Friedlander: American Monuments May 17, 2008 - August 3, 2008 at the Center for Creative Photography. The exhibit examines national identity as seen by a keen observer. Renowned photographer Lee Friedlander's work on American Monuments explores how we define ourselves.

-- a May 27, 2008 video (05:04) on The Pottery Project Explore the art of the potter and the science of the archaeologist as Arizona State Museum celebrates 2,000 years of Native pottery-making traditions in the Southwest. At over 20,000 whole vessels, ASM's collection of Southwest Indian pottery is the world's largest and most comprehensive. Eight years in the making, The Pottery Project features the Arnold and Doris Roland Wall of Pots, the Agnese and Emil Haury Southwest Native Nations Pottery Vault, a state-of-the-art conservation laboratory, and a brand new interpretive gallery. The exhibition, in the new gallery, includes a fully interactive, multi-media Virtual Vault; video interviews with archaeologists and Native potters, and hands-on experiences.

-- a April 22, 2008 video (05:39) on Allan Mardon, who left a successful career in commercial illustration to pursue a career in fine art in Arizona. Mardon became inspired by the graphic beauty and history of his new surroundings and began to approach his canvas in an entirely different way. Arts producer Sooyeon Lee has the story.

-- a April 8, 2008 video (05:14) on Neil Bernstein's controversial memorial works (paintings, sculpture and architectural structures) which are exhibited and acquired by museums and collectors throughout the world. The works are historically grounded in world events using an eclectic collision of disparate elements which range from the sacred to the profane.

-- a February 5, 2008 video (05:14) on Louis David Valenzuela. Sculptor Louis David Valenzuela is doing everyting he can do to keep the Yaqui culture alive through his art. Valenzuela's Pascola masks are in the collection of the Arizona State Museum. In this story, you will see how and why he creates those sacred masks.

-- a November 29, 2007 video (03:05) on Cristina Cardenas. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, painter Cristina Cardenas explores the disruption of stereotypes of gender, religion and culture through her art work.

Accessed May, 2015


On April 7, 2009 the Indianapolis Museum of Art announced the launch of, an online community created to showcase art-based video content. The site allows visitors to explore works of art online through a collection of interviews with artists and curators, original documentaries and art installation videos. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, ArtBabble features high-definition video, full text transcription of all the videos on site and interactive features including viewer feedback and video sharing.

Conceived and spearheaded by the IMA, ArtBabble is designed to allow other museums and organizations that produce high-quality, art-focused video content to join the IMA in building the premier online art video destination. As of August 9, 2009 the IMA had partnered with 17 non-profit sources, including 13 museums, each of which had provided video content on ArtBabble; the American Art channel on the site contained 35 videos. Videos include:

-- Kerry James Marshall: On Museums [0:02:13] from Art21

-- The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989 [0:07:01] from Guggenheim Museum

-- Conserving Norman Rockwell's "United Nations" from Norman Rockwell Museum [0:14:19]

-- Norman Rockwell Museum: An Introduction from Norman Rockwell Museum [0:06:34]

-- 1934: A New Deal for Artists from Smithsonian American Art Museum [0:30:32]

-- Meet William Christenberry from Smithsonian American Art Museum [0:02:54]

-- Meet Will Barnet from Smithsonian American Art Museum [0:03:34]

-- Alex Katz and Washington Crosses the Delaware from Smithsonian American Art Museum [0:03:38]

[Links found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]


Art/New York a video series on contemporary art, was begun in 1979. This unique and extensive series focuses on the visual arts and brings art, artists and exhibitions to a broad public interested in the latest developments on the New York art scene. ART/new york has covered major exhibitions and artists who have defined and shaped the fascinating and diverse directions in contemporary art. Each program features visits to galleries, museums, artist's studios and includes revealing interviews with artists as well as the perspective of critics, curators, and dealers. (from Art/New York website)

Accessed May, 2015


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