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Texts contained in Resource Library by named authors listed by author name in alphabetical order:

The Art of Vermont by Mickey Myers

Masters of Vermont: Five Women Artists by Mickey Myers


Articles contained in Resource Library without named authors listed by article name in alphabetical order:

Ten Vermont Women: Sculpture, Painting, Craft

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Museums and other non-profit sources of Resource Library articles and essays:

Please click on the name of each source to view articles and essays related to that source:

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

Bennington Center for the Arts

Bryan Memorial Gallery

Frank Covino Academy of Art

Middlebury College Museum of Art

Robert Hull Fleming Museum

Shelburne Museum

Southern Vermont Arts Center


(above: from left to right: Entrance to Shelburne Museum; Webb Gallery, containing American art. Photos by John Hazeltine. Click on images to enlarge them.)


Other online information:

"A Beautiful Legacy of Art by Our Vermont Masters" by Heather K. Michon, from Vermont Women. Accessed August, 2015.

"A Centennial Celebration: The Art of Francis Colburn and Ronald Slayton"was an exhibit held June 8 - August 29, 2010 at the Fleming Museum of Art. Accessed July, 2016

Are You Here? is a 2016 exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center which says: "Jonathan Gitelson's Are You Here? is essentially a mindfulness practice with a sense of humor. The billboards depicted in Gitelson's photographs ask travelers barreling down roads both to locate themselves in time and place and to consider, however fleetingly, the implications of being present."  Also see artist's website.  Accessed 8/18

"The Art of Vermont Exhibits" by Theodore Hoppe (Vermont Art Zine, May 15, 2009). Accessed August, 2015.

"The Artistry and Collection of Jessica H. Bond" by Susanne Rappaport, Curator, from Dorset Historical Society. Accessed August, 2015.

Artists from Vermont in Wikipedia. Accessed August, 2015.

Frank Mason in Vermont: Artist and Teacher  is a 2017 exhibit at the Bryan Memorial Gallery which does not save online information about its exhibits. However, BMG posted media coverage from a 8/17 article in American Art Review  Accessed 8/17

From Luminous Shade is a 2016 exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center which says: "From Luminous Shade is a moving testament to the restorative power of art. Three artists mourn the untimely passing of their sons: Vermont painter Margaret Kannenstine, Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, and poet and translator Ann McGarrell." Accessed 8/18

Granite Sculptures of Hope Cemetery from Accessed August, 2015.

Herbert Barnett: Vermont Life and Landscape, 1940-1948 is a 2017 exhibit at the Robert Hull Fleming Museum at University of Vermont which says: "Herbert Barnett: Vermont Life and Landscape, 1940-1948 reexamines the contribution of this mid-century modernist painter through the subject matter and time period in which the artist's distinctive style found its greatest expression: his Vermont landscapes of the 1940s."  Accessed 11/17

Hereandafter: Susan von Glahn Calabria is a 2018 exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center.  Mara Williams, Chief Curator, says: "In her still life paintings Calabria seldom uses the traditional frontal tabletop view. More often, she sets a few small objects on a surface and paints them from a bird's-eye point of view. What makes these paintings fresh and captivating is that she imbues each object with personality. Each has an animating presence, and together they tell a plotless story. I am struck by how tender the relationships are between these inanimate objects-especially the folded origami boxes." Also see artist's website. Accessed 5/18

Henry Sheldon Museum collections including historic furniture, paintings and decorative arts. Accessed August, 2015

Landscapes of Virginia is a 2015 exhibit at Virginia Museum of History & Culture which says: "The twenty-one landscape paintings featured in Landscapes of Virginia reveal the variety of terrain and climate that characterizes Virginia's five distinct physical regions: the Coastal Plain (Tidewater), the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Valley and the Ridge, and the Appalachian Plateau." Accessed 4/20

The Paul Sample Mural is located at the Vermont Historical Society which says: "The massive painting, which measures 50 feet across and eight feet high, depicts three-and-a-half centuries of Vermont history, from Samuel de Champlain's arrival in the Champlain Valley in 1609 to the development of Vermont's ski industry in the late 1950s." Accessed 7/19

Paul Strand in Vermont: 1943-1946 is a 2016 exhibit at the Middlebury College Museum of Art which says: "Comprised of 34 vintage silver gelatin prints, the exhibition is the first devoted exclusively to Strand's Vermont work and it explores the expressive power and insight that mark the photographer's long and distinguished career." Accessed 8/18

Sabra Field, Now and Then: A Retrospective is a 2017 exhibit at the Middlebury College Museum of Art which says: "In addition to many of her signature Vermont landscapes, mythological suites, and portraits, the exhibition includes the revelatory 2015 documentary film Sabra by Dartmouth professor William Phillips....Relying on an iconography of green pastures, windrows lying in soft curves, an old red barn, blue hills, and a blue sky that goes on forever, her landscape designs conjure up a pastoral idyll that has enormous public appeal." Also see artist's website. To read more after exhibit closes, go to "Past Exhibitions" section of museum website. Accessed 6/17

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum is a private, nonprofit public library and art gallery which says: "The famous Hudson River School is strongly represented by such artists as Asher B. Durand (the father of American Landscape painting), Jasper Cropsey (known for autumn landscapes), Sanford Gifford (a Luminist painter), James and William Hart (pastoral landscapes with cattle), and western views by Samuel Colman and Worthington Whittredge. Dominating the gallery from its inception has been the magnificent canvas, ten feet by fifteen feet, of the Domes of the Yosemite, by Albert Bierstadt." Accessed 3/18

Vermont (sampling of artists and works connected to state) from askArt. Accessed August, 2015.


TFAO's Distinguished Artists catalogue provides online access to biographical information for artists associated with this state. Also, Search Resource Library for online articles and essays concerning both individual artists associated with this state's history and the history of art centers and museums in this state. Resource Library articles and essays devoted to individual artists and institutions are not listed on this page.


Books, listed by year of publication, with most recently published book listed first:

History of the Northern Vermont Artist Association, Publisher:: Vermont Historical Society, 2009. 22 pp. Vermont Historical Society says on its website: "In 1931 Harold Knight formed a group of artists who made it their mission 'to encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards, and advance the cause of creative art.' The NVAA has provided a place for many artist to display their work and will continue to encourage others in the future."

Vermont Art Guide, by Ric Kasini Kadour, Christopher Byrne. 208 pages. Publisher: Kasini House (October 15, 2005).ISBN-10: 0977139700. ISBN-13: 978-0977139705

Art and Soul: The History of the Southern Vermont Artists and the Southern Vermont Art Center, by Mary Hard Bort, Margot Page, 142 pages. Publisher: Gallery Pr (July 2000). ISBN-10: 0966938240. ISBN-13: 978-0966938241

Vermont Landscape Images: 1776-1976, by William C. Lipke, Philip N. Grime, Published by Robert Hull Fleming Museum, 1976

Early Vermont Wall Paintings, by Robert L. McGrath. Published by University Press of New England, 1972. ISBN 0874510627, 9780874510621. 105 pages

The Bennington Battle Monument: Its Story and Its Meaning, by John Spargo. Published by The Tuttle Company, 1925. 122 pages

The Dedication of the Bennington Battle Monument: And Celebration of the Hundredth Anniversary of the Admission of Vermont as a State, at Bennington, August 19, A. D., 1891, with an Historic Introduction and Appendices, by Vermont Centennial Commission, Henry Leonard Stillson, Bennington Battle Monument and Historical Association . Published by Banner Book and Job Printing House, 1892. Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized Jan 5, 2007. 241 pages (Full View available through Google Books)



Christine Hadsel: "Vermont Painted Theater Curtains" American Art Review September-October 2006 (Volume XVIII, Number 5)

Mickey Myers: "Five Women Artists of Vermont" American Art Review May-Junel 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 3)

Mickey Myers: "The Art of Vermont" American Art Review, May-June 2008 (Volume XX, Number 3)

Mickey Myers: "Masters of Vermont, the Watercoloriststs" American Art Review August 2011 (Volume XXIII, Number 4)


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