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Resource Library essays listed by author name in alphabetical order, followed by articles:

New Discoveries in Georgia Painted Furniture by Ashley Callahan and Dale L. Couch

Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines

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Museums and other non-profit sources of Resource Library articles and essays:

Albany Museum of Art

Booth Western Art Museum

Columbus Museum

Georgia Museum of Art

High Museum of Art

Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art

Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University

Morris Museum of Art

Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon

Oglethorpe University Museum

Telfair Museum of Art


(above: Georgia Museum of Art, May, 2011. Photo © John Hazeltine)


Other online information:

"Art in Georgia from 1895 to 1960," by Patricia Phagan, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, 07/28/2006, from New Georgia Encyclopedia. Accessed 3/18

Georgia Artists from the Digital Library of Georgia, contains biographies of several historic artists. Accessed July, 2015.

Georgia (sampling of artists and works connected to state) from askArt. Accessed August, 2015.

Georgia New Deal Art: Post Office Artwork in Georgia, from Accessed July, 2015.

New Georgia Encyclopedia, a project of the Georgia Humanities Council and the University of Georgia Press, presents in its visual arts section for the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: essays on Individual Artists, Decorative Arts, Paintings of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Prints and Drawings; for the Twentieth Century section essays on: Individual Artists, Art in Georgia from 1895 to 1960, Art in Georgia since 1960, Decorative Arts and Self-Taught Artists. Essays for topics were written by scholars from museums and universities. Accessed July, 2015.

Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, formerly the Augusta Art Club, is an independent visual art school in the Central Savannah River Area. There is a reference to the first director of the Institute in Horace Day in South Carolina. Accessed May, 2016.

Statues and Monuments in Georgia from Digital Library of Georgia, Accessed July, 2015.

Valley Painters: Works from the Permanent Collection was a 2014-15 exhibit at the Columbus Museum, which says: "For over 60 years, the Columbus Museum has been assembling a collection of notable art by both national and regional artists. This exhibition highlights works from the collection by some of the best-known artists, both past and present, who have lived and worked in the Chattahoochee Valley." Accessed 10/16

In 2002 the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia produced a 4-part video documentary with commentary by John Howett, Professor of Art History, Emory University, Atlanta, GA on an important Georgia corporate art collection. Dr. Howett connects the "amalgam of artistic influences" of historic art with the work of contemporary Georgia artists. Another video discussed a commissioned work by African American artist Benny Andrews [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]


TFAO's Distinguished Artists catalogue provides online access to biographical information for artists associated with this state. Also, Search Resource Library for online articles and essays concerning both individual artists associated with this state's history and the history of art centers and museums in this state. Resource Library articles and essays devoted to individual artists and institutions are not listed on this page.


Books, listed by year of publication, with most recently published book listed first:

Decorative Arts in Georgia: Historic Sites, Historic Contexts: The Third Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts, by ed. Ashley Callahan. 157 pages. Publisher: Georgia Museum of Art; 1 edition (February 21, 2008). ISBN-10: 0915977664. ISBN-13: 978-0915977666. Product Description: "Edited by Ashley Callahan, curator of decorative arts, this book contains the lectures presented at the third Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts, which was held at the museum in February 2006. Essays include: The Role of the House Museum in Georgia: Evolution and Recent Development, by John C. Waters; Recreating the Manse: Interpreting Woodrow Wilson's Civil War Childhood in Augusta, by Erick D. Montgomery; Classicism Returns to Georgia: Shaping a Collection of American Federal Period Furniture for the Governor's Mansion in Atlanta, by Katharine G. Farnham; Silk in Georgia, 1732-1840: From Sericulture to Status Symbol, by Madelyn Shaw; Brothers in Clay Revisited: Georgia Folk Pottery and the Regional Stoneware Tradition, by John A. Burrison; The Arts and Crafts Collection at Tallulah Falls School, by Ashley Callahan; Georgia Furniture: Attributions and Characteristics, by Deanne Deavours; and a revised and updated version of the brochure text for From Sideboard to Pulpit: Silver in Georgia, by Ashley Callahan and Dale Couch." (text courtesy of

From Sideboard to Pulpit: Silver in Georgia: Georgia Museum of Art ..., by Ashley Callahan, Dale L Couch, Georgia Museum of Art - 2006. Catalog of an exhibition held at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, Ga. from Nov. 19 to Mar. 26, 2006.

Proceedings from the Second Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts: Georgia Inside and Out, by Ashley Callahan. 176 pages. Publisher: Georgia Museum of Art (December 2005). ISBN-10: 0915977567. Product Description: "This book contains the lectures presented at the second Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts, which was held at the Georgia Museum of Art in January 2004. It includes contributions from John McKay Sheftall ("Restoring the Cedars Inside and Out: The Odyssey of Keeping a Homeplace"), Maryellen Higginbotham ("Bits and Pieces, Paper and Pattern: Researching Wallpaper in Nineteenth-Century Vernacular"), Tania Simmons ("Feeling Gravity's Pull: The Andrew Low House Bathing Room, A Mid-Nineteenth-Century Example"), Mary Burdell ("Sharing Henry Green"), Susan Asbury-Newsome and Laura Caldwell Anderson ("'Simple Colonial Furniture': Franklin H. Gottshall's Influence on Interior Design at Berry College"), Brad Sanders ("William Bartram and the Changing Landscape"), Paul A. Manoguerra ("The Weight of a Perpetual Creation: George A. Cooke's Tallulah Falls and American Tourist Representations of Waterfalls"), Thornton F. Jordan ("Westville and 1850 Gardening in the South"), Michele Gillespie ("From Artisan to Entrepreneur: William Price Talmage, Ironworker"), Betty S. Snyder ("Milledgeville Federal-Style Architecture") and Henry D. Green ("Adventures of a Collector, Presentation to the Williamsburg Antiques Forum, 1978")." (text courtesy of

The Savannah River Valley to 1865: Fine Arts, Architecture, and Decorative ..., by Ashley Callahan - Art - 2003 - 139 pages. Essays presented at the First Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts, January 25 and 26, 2002 at the Georgia Museum of Art.

Brothers in Clay: The Story of Georgia Folk Pottery, by Burrison, John A. 2001 Athens: University of Georgia Press. 352 pp.

Myth, Culture, Narrative: Current Prints by Six Georgia Artists, by Patricia Elaine Phagan, Georgia Museum of Art, Kennesaw State College Fine Arts Gallery - Art - 1989. "Georgia Museum of Art, the University of Georgia, December 2, 1989-January 21, 1990; Fine Arts Gallery, Kennesaw State College, Kennesaw, Georgia, April 1...,

Georgia's Legacy: History Charted Through the Arts: April 25 - September 3, 1985 : a Bicentennial Exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art, By University of Georgia, Georgia Museum of Art. Published by Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, 1985

Decorative Arts of the Georgia Piedmont Before 1865: A Bicentennial ..., by Jill Read, Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art, Georgia Museum of Art, Decorative Arts Committee - 1976. Introduction signed: Jill Read, Chairman, Decorative Arts Committee, Friends of the Museum.,

Early Georgia Portraits, Seventeen Fifteen to Eighteen Seventy, Compiled by Marion C. Bright. Published by University of Georgia Press, 1975. ISBN 0820303690, 9780820303697 .344 pages

Georgia Civil War Historical Markers, By Georgia Historical Commission, Published by Georgia Historical Commission, 1964. 195 pages



Paul A. Manoguerra: "The Georgia Museum of Art" American Art Review July-August 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 4)

Courtney McGowan: "The Telfair Museum of Art" American Art Review July-August 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 4)

Dean Porter and Seth Hopkins: "Booth Western Art Museum" American Art Review July-August 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 4)


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