Topics in American Art

with content focusing on representational art



Macbeth Galleries (or Gallery) Exhibitors


Maine Art History

Matunuck Art Colony

Marine, Coastal and Maritime Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century

Maryland Art History

Massachusetts Art History

Medicine in American Art

Mexican-American Art



Michigan Art History

Mid-Atlantic Art: 20-21st Century Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Painting (for years 1997-2000 also includes Southeast and Southern American Paintings)

Middle East Influences in American Art

Midwest Art: 20-21st Century

Military and Wartime Art

Miniature Painting

Minnesota Art History

Mississippi Art Colony

Mississippi Art History

Missouri Art History


Mixed Media Art


Monhegan Island Art Colony


Montana Art History

Motion Picture Animation, Posters and Related Topics

Mural Art

Museums Explained

Music Themes in American Art

Mystic Art Association



National Parks Painters and Photographers

Native American Art

Nebraska Art History

Nevada Art History

New Hampshire Art History

New Deal Art

New Hope Art Colony

New Jersey Art History


New Mexico Art History

New York Art History

North Carolina Art History

North Dakota Art History

Northeast Art: 20-21st Century Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Painting (for years 1997-2000 also includes Southeast and Southern American Paintings)

Northwest Art: 19th-21st Century




Ogunquit Art Colony

Ohio Art History

Oklahoma Art History

Online Exhibition Brochures, Catalogues, Gallery Guides and Related Materials

Oregon Art History

Orientalism in American Art


Outsider Art




Panama-California Exposition of 1915 (San Diego)

Panama-Pacific Exhibition of 1915 (San Francisco)


Papercut Art


Pennsylvania Art History


Photography: 19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century including:

animal photography
architectural photography
botanical photography
celebrity photography
figurative photography
glamour photography
historic photographers
historic photographic processes
labor theme photography
landscape photography
leisure theme photography
marine life photography
Midwest photography
military photography
miscellaneous theme photography
Northeast photography
Northwest photography
photographic technology innovations
political theme photography
portrait photography
rural theme photography
service organization theme photography
social commentary photography
Southern and Southeast photography
Southwest photography
sporting event photography and other event photography
suburban theme photography
surveys of historic photography
transportation photography
urban theme photography
Western states photography


Planning, Organizing and Touring Art Exhibitions

Plein Air Painting

Political Art

Pop Art

Portrait and Figurative Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century

Postage Stamp Art







Provincetown Art Colony

Psychedelic Art


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