Authentication and Evaluation of Paintings



What is the provenance of the painting (its history)?

Some tips:

Knowing the history of the ownership of the painting helps establish its legitimacy.
Sales receipts and exhibition stamps on the back of the painting are helpful.
Sometimes the history of a painting can add value. Some owners and ownership stories are more important than others.
The history and quality of the frame surrounding the painting can also add substantial value.
A strong exhibition history of a painting at museums can add substantial value compared to a similar quality painting that did not have an exhibition history.
Check with a library to see if there is a catalogue raisonné of the artist's works. A catalogue raisonné is a complete, annotated catalogue of the works of a deceased artist. It contains the history of ownership of each work.


Other online resources

The International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR) website includes an informative page within its Educational Resources section titled "Provenance Guide." [accessed February, 2014]

An article by Alan Bamberger, a San Francisco, CA-based art consultant, titled "Art Provenance: What is it and How to Verify it."


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