American 20-21st Century Landscape Painting

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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Some Thoughts on the Painting of William H. Singer, Jr.; essay by William H. Gerdts (12/22/03)

California's Native Grandeur: Preserving Vanishing Landscapes (12/22/03)

Urban Scenes from the Permanent Collection of the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (12/20/03)

John J. Domont, A Retrospective: Place and Possibility (11/21/03)

Laura Owens (11/17/03)

Armin Landeck (10/31/03)

A Solitude of Space: The Paintings of Thomas Crotty (10/29/03)

Arthur Balderacchi: Drawn to Nature (10/27/03)

"The American River" and "The River's Course: Views of Connecticut Rivers" (10/24/03)

Off the Beaten Track: Contemporary Mindscapes (10/24/03)

William Christine: The Grand Canyon Series (714/03

Chris Stoffel Overvoorde: A Life in Art (7/10/03)

Michael Haykin:  Intimate Terrain (7/9/03)

From Belgium to the Ballet: The Versatile landscape of H. Theodore Hallman Sr. (1904-1999) (7/8/03)

California's Native Grandeur: Preserving Vanishing Landscapes (7/1/03)

Monhegan Island: A 150-Year Tradition (1858-2003) (6/6/03)

Teng Hiok Chiu's Artistic Journey: West to East; essay by Debra J. Byrne (5/28/03)

Unbounded Vistas: Artists Interpret the Northern California Landscape (4/24/03)

Eric Hopkins: Waypoints (4/23/03)

Aerial Muse: The Art of Yvonne Jacquette (1/10/03)

Tremont, by Frank V. Dudley (1868-1957) and Female Nude Standing by Easel, by Philip Pearlstein (b. 1924), essay by Gregg Hertzlieb (11/14/02)

Pennsylvania Impressionism, co-published by the Michener Art Museum and the University of Pennsylvania Press (10/16/02)

The Prints of Vija Celmins (9/26/02)

The Vanishing Landscape (9/18/02)

Interlude: Recent Work by James Rayen (9/16/02)

Painting on the Edge: The Art of William Beckman (8/2/02)

Fields: Gary Ernest Smith (8/2/02)

A Summer Idyll:  Landscapes from the Brandywine Valley (7/17/02)

Frank Moore: Green Thumb in a Dark Eden; essay by Sue Scott (7/12/02)

Along the Way: Ray Strong Landscape Painter (6/18/02)

Sabra Field: Abstract Realist (5/28/02)

Frank Moore: Green Thumb in a Dark Eden (3/18/02)

John Singer Sargent Beyond the Portrait Studio: Paintings, Drawings, and Watercolors from The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2/1/02)

Asa Cheffetz, 1896-1965, Cape Lighthouse (Mass.), around 1950; essay by Heather Haskell (1/23/02)

William Thon (1906-2000); essay by Susan C. Larsen (1/22/02)


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