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Kathleen Valentine

"Families of the North Shore Arts Association" American Art Review May-June 2002 (Volume XIV, Number 3)


Bailey Van Hook

"Decorative Images of American Women: The Aristocratic Aesthetic of the Late Nineteenth Century" American Art (Vol. 4, No. 1; Winter 1990)


Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen

Excerpted from Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding: "Affecting Nature", essay by Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen and "Introduction", essay by David J. Wagner (4//20/09)


Mark Van Proyen

Ann Gale's Interstitial Portraits; essay by Mark Van Proyen (11/6/08)


Abigail A. Van Slyck

"Architecture & Society on New London's State Street" American Art Review January-February 2006 (Volume XVIII, Number 1)


George Vargas

Carlos Lopez: A Forgotten Michigan Painter, essay by George Vargas (1/20/16)


D. H. Vasseur

"Edna Boies Hopkins (1872-1937)" American Art Review, March-April 2008 (Volume XX, Number 2)


Lee A. Vedder

"Heeding the Call of Nature: Asher Brown Durand's Communion with the American Landscape"; essay by Lee A. Vedder

Magazine Antiques Nineteenth-century American paintings, Jan, 2005 by Lee A. Vedder [Link found expired as of 11/7/11 audit. Source may contain this content via a revised URL. We are saving this citation for your reference]


Lee A. Vedder and Linda S. Ferber

"The Hudson River School at the New-York Historical Society" American Art Review September-October 2005 (Volume XVII, Number 5)


Beth Venn

"American Art 1940-1965: Traditions Reconsidered" American Art Review December 96 (status)

Unknown Terrain: The Landscapes of Andrew Wyeth (5/98)

Surroundings: Responses to the American Landscape (6/2/99)

Pop Impact! From Johns to Warhol (9/18/00)


Lori Verderame

"Milton Avery: Paintings and Works on Paper" American Art Review June-August 96 (status)

"The Rediscovery of Allan R. Freelon" American Art Review January-February 2000 (Volume XII, Number 1)

"An American Sculptor: Seymour Lipton" American Art Review March-April 2000 (Volume XII, Number 2)

"Bucks County Artists" American Art Review November-December 2000 (Volume XII, Number 6)


Jennifer Olson Rudenko & Lori Verderame

"Women Artists: Past & Present" American Art Review November-December 2002 (Volume XIV, Number 6)


Jeanne Verhulst

Ansel Adams: Celebration of Genius: text by Jeanne Verhulst (11/15/05)


Anne Verplanck

Magazine Antiques The art of John Henry Brown, Nov, 2004 by Anne Verplanck [Link found expired as of 11/7/11 audit. Source may contain this content via a revised URL. We are saving this citation for your reference]


Tony Vevers

"The Yasuna Collection: Abstract Painting in Provincetown (1915-1950)" American Art Review August-September 94 (status)


Gudmund Vigtel

High Museum of Art: American Landscape Paintings from the High Museum, 1981, Gudmund Vigtel, Introduction. (32 pages total) [status]

Introduction - American Landscape Paintings: Selections from the High Museum of Art, Atlanta; essay by Gudmund Vigtel (7/11/08)


Gilbert T. Vincent

Magazine Antiques Black Hawk's drawing of a vision, Jan, 1997 by Gilbert T. Vincent, Janet Catherine Berlo [Link found expired as of 11/7/11 audit. Source may contain this content via a revised URL. We are saving this citation for your reference]


Olga Viso

"Artists of the American Scene: The Gronlund Collection of 20th Century Prints" American Art Review December 94 -January 95 (status)

The Golden Age of American Printmaking 1900 - 1950; essay by Olga M. Viso (8/7/09)


John Michael Vlach

"The Plantation in American Art" American Art Review, May-June 2008 (Volume XX, Number 3)


Christopher Volpe

A Legacy of Beauty: Paintings in the Boston School Tradition; essay by Christopher Volpe (5/9/07)


Helmut Von Erffa

"Benjamin West at the Height of His Career" American Art Journal ( vol. 1, no. 1; 1969)

"Benjamin West: The Early Years in London" American Art Journal ( vol. 5, no. 2; 1973)


Beth Vonn

"Circa 1952: A Year from the Collection" American Art Review February-March 94 (status)


Laura Vookles

Anna Richards Brewster, American Impressionist; article by Laura Vookles (7/17/08)


Frederick S. Voss

"Adalbert Volck: The South's Answer to Thomas Nast" American Art (Vol. 2, No. 3; Fall 1988)

Portraits of the Presidents from the National Portrait Gallery; with essay by Frederick S. Voss (3/22/01)


Sarah Vure

"Impressionism to Modernism in Southern California" American Art Review July-August 2000 (Volume XII, Number 4)

Continuity and Change: Southern California's Evolving Landscape, essay by Sarah Vure (8/15/01)



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