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Resource Library enriches online pages containing articles and essays with hyperlinks to relevant information in editor's notes following the articles and essays. Links are provided both to pages both within Resource Library and to external sources These links are to reference materials with similar subject matter. Links chosen at time of publication are based on factors including quality of source, relevance of content and likely link stability.

For essays and articles attributed to specific authors, published in recent years and at present, links are not embedded in the texts. However, in footnotes containing URL addresses, the addresses may be made into links to facilitate readers' access to the referenced Web pages. An example is The Gravity of Provincetown; essay by Alexander J. Noelle (8/17/11).

Starting in 2001, when a text was published concerning an artist by Resource Library's predecessor, Resource Library Magazine, links were placed in editor's notes to its previously published texts concerning the artist. While Resource Library has continued this practice, the quantity of relevant previously published texts available for citation in editor's notes for new texts covering some artists is so lengthy that all previous texts are not repeated. Instead, a link may be limited to one prior text containing the history of citations. For an example see the citation for Georgia O'Keeffe in America's Distinguished Artists.

In 2005, for newly published texts, Resource Library began adding relevant information from Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) catalogues including all forms of outside media. At present, the quantity of relevant information that is available for citation in editor's notes for some subjects is so large that all available information is not repeated. Instead, links may be limited to topics from TFAO's catalogues. An example is Indiana Realities: Regionalist Painting 1930-1945 from the Robert L. and Ellen E. Haan Collection; essay by Rachel Berenson Perry (8/19/11).

For articles published prior to 2004, TFAO is editing some publicity articles pages to remove certain links. For more information on the editing project please click here.

Links on pages containing articles and essays are never paid for by outside parties.



Resource Library assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information via links. Information from the linked sources may be inaccurate or out of date. Resource Library neither recommends or endorses external links and referenced organizations, and takes no responsibility for the content or information contained in external sites, nor exerts any editorial or other control over external web sites.


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