19th-21st Century Western Genre Art

Including Cowboy Art and Lore of the Historic West


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FIVE THEMES OF WESTERN ART: A Famous Pioneering Artist for Each of Those Themes , article by Roger Dunbier (12/10/07)

WESTERN ART: Never Replaced by Soup Cans, Soup Lines or Soup Itself, article by Roger Dunbier (12/10/07)

Go West! (1/18/07)

Powell: The Ace of Diamonds and Cowboy in the Rough (9/17/07)

Frederic Remington: Treasures from the Frederic Remington Art Museum; article by Laura Foster (7/11/07)

Frederic Remington Makes Tracks: Adventures and Artistic Impressions (3/20/07)

Jack Sorenson: In Palo Duro's Shadow; with text by Michael Grauer (12/`1/06)

Legends of the West: The Foxley Collection (11/10/06)

Collecting the Legends; essay by J. Brooks Joyner (11/10/06)

Frederic Remington and the American Civil War: A Ghost Story (7/29/06)

Western Women Artists: An Overview; text by Phil Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick (9/22/05)

Western American Art South of the Sweet Line (8/18/05)

John Clymer, an Artist's Rendezvous with the Frontier West; essay by Walt Reed (7/12/05)

American West: Dust and Dreams (7/11/05)

Winold Reiss: Artist for the Great Northern (6/1/05)

The Fireboat" by Charles M. Russell; article by J. Kendall May (5/25/05)

Charles Fritz, "An Artist with the Corps of Discovery"; article by Sharon McGowan (5/25/05)

"They Are a Fine Outfit Those Blackfeet": Frederic Remington in Western Canada; essay by Peter H. Hassrick (1/19/05)

The American West Goes East; essay by Peter H. Hassrick (1/19/05)

Capturing Western Legends: Russell and Remington's Canadian Frontier (1/5/05)


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