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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Wayne Thiebaud: Homecoming (11/11/10)

James Hueter: A Retrospective (3/6/09)

A Chronology on the Life of William Wendt, By Janet Blake (11/28/08)

William Wendt: Plein Air Painter of California; essay by Will South (11/28/08)

In Nature's Temple: The Life and Art of William Wendt (11/28/08)

California, Seen: Landscapes of a Changing California, 1930-1970; essay by Ronald C. Nelson (10/14/08)

Abundance of Color: California Flowers in Art (8/22/08)

Carl Sammons: Early California Impressionist; essay by Douglas S. McElwain (8/8/08)

Elaine Badgley Arnoux: Once Upon a Time (7/18/08)

Wayne Thiebaud: 70 Years of Painting; text by Jessica R. Weiss (3/29/08)

Helen Inez Seibert; biography by Stuart Denenberg (3/28/08)

Edward Hagedorn; biography by Stuart Denenberg (3/28/08)

First Generation: Art in Claremont, 1907-1957 (3/18/08)

You See: The Early Years of the UC Davis Art Faculty (3/8/08)

A Seed of Modernism: The Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-53; catalogue essays by Julia Armstrong-Totten, Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick, and Will South (3/4/08)

A Seed of Modernism: The Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-53; texts by Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick and Julia Armstrong-Totten (2/29/08)

You See: The Early Years of the UC Davis Studio Art Faculty; essay by Renny Pritikin (2/14/08)

Timothy J. Clark: A Retrospective (1/16/08)

Who Was Sam Hyde Harris?; essay by Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick (1`/15/08)

Edwin Deakin: California Painter of the Picturesque (1/9/08)

75 Works, 75 Years, Collecting the Art of California: The Years 1918 - 1955; exhibition description by Nancy Moure (11/27/07)

Helen Inez Seibert; biography by Stuart Denenberg (3/28/08)


Yosemite: Art of an American Icon (11/9/07)

Yosemite: Art of an American Icon (11/9/07)

Loners, Mavericks & Dreamers: Art in Los Angeles Before 1900; exhibition description by Nancy Moure (11/2/07)

Artists of Invention: a Century of California College of the Arts; with essay by Philip E. Linhares (11/1/07)

Benjamin Chambers Brown (10/29/07)

Romance of the Bells: The California Missions in Art (10/4/07)

Millard Sheets: The Scripps Years, 1932-1955 (9/28/07)

Town and Country: Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie; essay by Meredith Tromble (8/22/07)

Belle Baranceanu: The Artist at Work (6/20/07)

Passionate Visions: Paintings by Botke, DeRome, Rider & Wendt (5/22/07)

Town and Country: Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie (4/11/07)

California Style: Art and Fashion of the California Historical Society (4/7/07)

Peaceful Awakening: Spring in California (1/18/07)


California Impressions Featuring Landscapes from the Wendy Willrich Collection (12/5/06)

YOSEMITE: Art of an American Icon (10/4/06)

Majestic California: Prominent Artists of the Early 1900's (9/28/06)

Artists at Continent's End: The Monterey Peninsula Art Colony, 1875-1907 (8/29/06)

Dark Metropolis: Irving Norman's Social Surrealism (8/25/06)

Manuel Valencia: California's Native Son; essay by Julie Armistead (7/26/06)

Manuel Valencia: California's Native Son (1856-1935) (7/10/06)

Views and Visions: Celebrating California (6/5/06)

On Location in Malibu 2006: Paintings by the California Art Club (6/4/06)

F. Scott Hess: The Seven Laughters of God and Other Paintings (4/28/06)

Winds of Change: Progressive Artists, 1915-1935 (3/30/06)

John Bankston: Locating Desire; by Daniell Cornell, Ph. D. (2/18/06)

John Bankston: Locating Desire (2/8/06)

Island Passages: Artists Celebrate the Channel Islands (1/14/06)


Artists at Continent's End: The Monterey Peninsula Art Colony, 1875-1907 (12/12/05)

Robert Bechtle: A Retrospective (12/8/05)

Robert W. Jensen at Muckenthaler Cultural Center (10/25/05)

California Landscapes; article by Sue Ann Robinson (6/14/05)

Charles F. Keck (1913-2003): Paintings from the 1940s and 1950s; Biography by Sandy Hunter, Catalogue Introduction by Susan M. Anderson (5/23/05)

George Gibson (1904-2001), Scene Painter: essay by Janet Blake (5/23/05)

Leon Amyx: Painter of the Salinas Valley; Biography by Chet Amyx and Sandy Hunter, Catalogue Introduction by Susan M. Anderson (5/23/05)

Wayne Thiebaud: Works on Paper 1960 ­ 2000 (5/2/05)

The Carmel Monterey Peninsula Art Colony: A History; article by Barbara J. Klein (4/21/05)

Artists in Santa Catalina Island Before 1945; essay by Jean Stern (3/29/05)

Keeping the Faith: Painting in Santa Catalina 1935-1985; essay by Roy C. Rose (3/29/05)

The California Missions in Art: 1890 to 1930; essay by Jean Stern (2/21/05)

Water, Land and Sky: Rediscovering Albert Thomas DeRome (2/21/05)

Art in California: 1880 to 1930; essay by Jean Stern (2/16/05)


Childe Hassam: Impressionist in the West (11/26/04)

A Woman's Touch: Selected Women Artists in California (4/14/04)

Water, Land and Sky: Rediscovering A. T. DeRome (4/2/04)

Robery Overby: What Else Is Important, Paintings 1981-1989 (3/17/04)

California Mission Hosting Art Exhibitions in Spring 2004 (2/19/04)

Landscape Painters of Northern California 1870-1930; essay by Harvey L. Jones, from the catalogue "Impressions of California: Early Currents in Art 1850-1950" (2/16/04)

Pop! From San Francisco Collections (2/12/04)

A Tribute To Harry Sternberg (1904­2001) (2/4/04)

Bold Strokes: California Watercolors (2/4/04)

Theodore Wores: Man of Purpose and Vision; with text by Susan Hillhouse (1/8/04)


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From other websites:

David Hockney: Yosemite is a 2017 exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art which says: "During visits to California's Yosemite Valley in 2010 and 2011, David Hockney sought to capture its resplendent landscape. Working in situ, the artist rendered the scenery using a drawing application on his iPad." Also see 5/2/16 article in The New York Times Style Magazine, 3/28/17 article from KQED Arts. Also see artist's website   Accessed 9/17

E. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit is a 2018 exhibit at the Monterey Museum of Art which says: "Fortune had a thriving career as a painter until the age of forty-three when she began a pioneering new vocation as a liturgical artist and as the leader of the Monterey Guild. The exhibition pairs the artist's impressionist and modernist landscapes with her ecclesiastical paintings, furnishings, and other work produced for the Catholic Church."  -- To read more after exhibit closes, go to "Past Exhibitions" section of museum website. Also see the biography of E. Charlton Fortune .htm from Jennie V. Cannon: The Untold History of the Carmel and Berkeley Art Colonies, vol. one, East Bay Heritage Project, Oakland, 2012 by Robert W. Edwards from Resource Library. Accessed 6/18

The Richard L. Nelson Gallery & The Fine Arts Collection website features a panel discussion video is available for download from the Archive page of the Richard L. Nelson Gallery & The Fine Arts Collection website. The "You See: Manuel Neri, Wayne Thiebaud and William T. Wiley" panel discussion was held November 13, 2007 at the Studio Theatre at the Mondavi Center, UC Davis, Moderated by Michael Schwager, curator of the di Rosa Preserve. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Manuel Neri: The Human Figure in Plaster and on Paper is a 2018 exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery which says: "A contemporary of other notable California-based artists such as Elmer Bischoff, Joan Brown, Richard Diebenkorn, David Park, and Wayne Thiebaud, Manuel Neri (b. 1930) is best known for his life-sized plaster, bronze, and marble sculptures that combine classical figuration with the dynamic mark making of Abstract Expressionism." Also see press release and image sheet  for the exhibit. Accessed 5/18

Milford Zornes is the subject of a 3-minute video by Bill Anderson of Anderson Art Gallery in which he familiarizes the viewer in this short video with the works for the 99-year-old artist, Milford Zornes. Accessed August, 2015.

Otis College presents the series: Otis Legacy Project: Interviews of Distinguished Otis Alumni. Milford Zornes attended Otis in 1927. He became a famous California water colorist. Milford was interviewed by Otis students in November 2007. He passed away in January, 2008. [4:45] Text from Otis College. Accessed August, 2015.



60 California art books including:

Art of the Gold Rush, By Janice Tolhurst Driesbach, Harvey Jones, Katherine Church Holland, Oakland Museum, Crocker Art Museum, National Museum of American Art (U.S.).

Published 1998 by University of California Press. Art, American / California/ 19th century/ Exhibitions. 168 pages. ISBN:0520214315. Google Books says: "The California Gold Rush captured the get-rich dreams of people around the world more completely than almost any event in American history. This catalog, published in celebration of the sesquicentennial of the 1848 discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill, shows the vitality of the arts in the Golden State during the latter nineteenth century and documents the dramatic impact of the Gold Rush on the American imagination.Among the throngs of gold-seekers in California were artists, many self-taught, others formally trained, and their arrival produced an outpouring of artistic works that provide insights into Gold Rush events, personages, and attitudes. The best-known painting of the Gold Rush era, C.C. Nahl's Sunday Morning in the Mines (1872), was created nearly two decades after gold fever had subsided. By then the Gold Rush's mythic qualities were well established, and new allegories--particularly the American belief in the rewards of hard work and enterprise--can be seen on Nahl's canvas. Other works added to the image of California as a destination for ambitious dreamers, an image that prevails to this day. In bringing together a range of art and archival material such as artists' diaries and contemporary newspaper articles, The Art of the Gold Rush broadens our understanding of American culture during a memorable period in the nation's history."

California Art: 450 Years of Painting & Other Media, by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure. 560 pages. Publisher: Dustin Publications; 1 edition (November 15, 1998). ISBN-10: 0961462248. ISBN-13: 978-0961462246 says of this book from Library Journal: As California approaches its sesquicentennial in 2000, here is the first "comprehensive" survey of its art. Unfortunately, freelance curator Moure does not make a clear case here for what makes a work of art distinctly "Californian" and further fails to define the book's scope. Still, she has done a creditable job. Her focus includes all two- and three-dimensional media created (by Californians and non-Californians) within the state, as well as work done abroad by prominent Golden Staters. Her bias in favor of "high" vs. "low" art is problematic, since it leads her to exclude filmmaking (the state's most powerful aesthetic contribution) while finding space for "Hollywood Glamour Photography." Similarly, Moure omits California's vernacular architecture in favor of recent, well-publicized museum buildings. On the other hand, she lucidly distinguishes between art's separate evolution in Northern and Southern California. Moure's extensive knowledge and trenchant commentary relieves what could have been a tedious approach. A de rigueur purchase for West Coast libraries and larger collections nationwide?Douglas F. Smith, Oakland P.L., CA - Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

California Impressionism, By William H. Gerdts and Will South, Published 1998, ISBN: 978-0-7892-0176-8. (left: catalogue front cover courtesy Abbeville Press)

California Impressionists, By Susan Landauer, Donald D. Keyes, Jean Stern, Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Georgia Museum of Art, Irvine Museum. Published 1996 by University of California Press. Impressionism (Art )/ California, Southern / Exhibitions. 103 pages. ISBN:0915977257. Google Books says: "The years around the turn of the century were a dynamic time in American art. Different and seemingly contradictory movements were evolving, and the dominant style that emerged during this period was Impressionism. Based in part on the broken brushwork and high-keyed palette of Claude Monet, it was a form especially suited to the dramatic landscape and shimmering light of California. American Impressionism grew in popularity as artists from across the nation migrated to the Golden State. There they created a remarkable style, often referred to as California plein-air painting, combining several aspects of American and European art and capturing the brilliant mix of color and light that defined California.This book celebrates forty Impressionist painters who worked in California from 1900 through the beginning of the Great Depression. A joint effort of The Irvine Museum and the Georgia Museum of Art, it includes widely recognized California artists such as Maurice Braun and Guy Rose, less well known artists such as Mary DeNeale Morgan and Donna Schuster, and eastern painters who worked briefly in the region, such as Childe Hassam and William Merritt Chase.The contributors' essays examine the socioeconomic forces that shaped this art movement, as well as the ways in which the art reflected California's self-cultivated image as a healthful, sun-splashed arcadia. Beautifully illustrated, with 72 full-color plates, California Impressionists recreates the vibrant splendor of a unique period in American art." .

In and Out of California: Travels of American Impressionists, By Deborah Epstein Solon, Will South. 151 pages. ISBN:1555952259. (left: front cover, In and Out of California: Travels of American Impressionists, image courtesy Google Books)

The Not-so-still Life: A Century of California Painting and Sculpture, By Susan Landauer, William Gerdts, Patricia Trenton, San Jose Museum of Art. Published 2003 by University of

California Press. Still-life in art / Exhibitions. 237 pages. ISBN:0520239385. Google Books says: "As E. H. Gombrich once observed, the still life is compelled to challenge and at the same time perpetuate tradition. Without the elements of recognition and comparison, and the discovery of the familiar in the unfamiliar, the genre would lose most of its meaning. This lavishly illustrated volume documents the extraordinary challenges that artists in California have brought to the tradition of the still life as they have transformed and revitalized the genre over the course of the last century. In abundantly illustrated essays, as entertaining as they are informative, The Not-So-Still Life traces the great variety of media and forms these artists have engaged as they have moved the still life not just off the table, but off the wall and into three dimensions. Susan Landauer, William H. Gerdts, and Patricia Trenton investigate a range of forces and influences--whether historical, sociological, economic, psychological, or biographical--that have played into this evolution, from the plein-air Impressionism of the early twentieth century to the Synchromist bouquets of Stanton Macdonald-Wright, the revolving table settings of Charles Ray, and the electronic sculptures of Alan Rath. In doing so they deepen our understanding of American art over the last century.Presenting, interpreting, and celebrating the world-renowned and the lesser-known California artists who have uniquely defined and redefined the still life, this volume offers an exploration of the sensual pleasures, the aesthetic challenges, and the intellectual and perceptual associations of a century of art through the prism of a single genre."

Publications in Southern California Art 1, 2 and 3, by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure

Publications in Southern California Art 4, 5, 6 and 7, by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure

Publications in Southern California Art 8, 9, 10, by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure


DVD/VHS videos:

Behind the Scenes with Wayne Thiebaud is a 30 minute 1992 video released by First Run Features based on a series by PBS. Follows American painter Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920) as he uses drawing to expand children's understanding of line from simple outline to its creation of volume, shape, feeling, and movement.

Brush With Life: The Art of Being Edward Biberman is a 2006 DVD produced by Jeff Kaufman. "With epic scope, intense romance, a stellar cast of characters, and stunning artwork, Brush With Life: The Art of Being Edward Biberman brings alive an extraordinary man in a passionate trek through a turbulent century of art, politics, struggle, and hope... With interviews and locations filmed in High Definition, an impressive array of archival footage, and hundreds of photographs and paintings, Brush With Life moves from a classic American immigrant saga, to youthful artistic discovery, a growing commitment to social justice, patriotic home-front service during World War Two, McCarthy-era repression and heroics (Edward's murals were investigated for "subversive content" and his brother, director Herbert Biberman, went to prison as one of The Hollywood Ten), an inspiring commitment to family in trying times, and into a protean period of creative development that still dazzles... With its grand sweep, rich personalities, and vast array of breathtaking paintings, Brush With Life: The Art of Being Edward Biberman builds a deep connection to a man who lived by the same high standard he set for his paintings. It's an unforgettable journey, an overdue tribute to an unjustly unsung artist, and a rare glimpse into the heart of a deeply humane man." text courtesy of

California Missions #110 - ART OF THE MISSIONS is a 28 minute 2000 video by Huell Howser Productions. "Over the years countless artists have depicted the California Missions in drawings, paintings, etchings and photographs. Huell visits the Huntington Library, which has one of the largest collections of Mission art in the world. We'll also visit Luis Tur, who has made 19 of the 21 Mission models using nothing but pieces of junk." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

California's Green #125 - SANTA BARBARA ARTISTS is a 28 minute 2006 video by Huell Howser Productions. "Some people talk about the environment. Others actually do something proactive about it... Like the group of 26 Santa Barbara artists who founded the Outdoor Airing Club more than 20 years ago. The O.A.K. Group, as it is known, is made up of artists who paint magnificent, unspoiled open spaces threatened by development. They then sell these art pieces at a special auction with 50 percent of the profits going to organizations in Santa Barbara County working to preserve our precious and unfortunately disappearing open, natural, landscape... Huell spends a day with some O.A.K. Group members as they painted in three different spectacular locales, and then attends the auction several months later. The resulting episode of California's Green is not only beautiful, bit inspirational as it shows how important a small but dedicated group of people who really care can be." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Ed Ruscha is the taping of a June 29, 2000 lecture by the artist at the Hirshhorn Museum. The Hirshhorn Museum Library's web page contains a video clip from the lecture.

Guy Rose: American Impressionist, by Robert Boudreaux, produced in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition in 1995 by The Oakland Museum of California and The Irvine Museum. The video is 26 minutes in length and is available from the sponsoring museums. Available through the Irvine Museum.

Impressions of California: Currents in Art 1850-1930. The Irvine Museum collaborated in the filming of this KOCE public television documentary video, produced by Paul Bockhorst, consisting of four 1/2 hour television programs totaling 112 minutes. Available through the Irvine Museum.

The Wildling Museum says: "This landmark public television series, produced by KOCE TV Foundation in 1996, documents the story of California art from statehood in 1850 to the beginning of the Depression in 1930. The narration, illustrated by original works of art from many California museums, features interviews with respected art historians, Bill Gerdts, Wanda Corn, Harvey Jones, and Jean Stern among others. Each program lasts 28 minutes.

Part I: Awakening in the North traces the development of art communities in San Francisco and Monterey.

Part II: The Rise of Impressionism in Southern California reviews the coloristic explorations of the "plein air" painters of the early 20th century.

Part III: Early Art in Laguna Beach and San Diego describes the art colonies in these two southern California coastal cities and the unique brand of impressionism practiced by artists William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Anna Hills, Joseph Kleitsch, Maurice Braun and others.

Part IV: Beyond Impressionism, documents the more subjective and expressive styles of "progressive" artists throughout the State who were influenced by Post-Impressionism in the first decades of the 20th century: The Society of the Six in Oakland, Maynard Dixon in SF, Henrietta Shore and Donna Schuster in Los Angeles, among many."

Milford Zornes, Watercolor Master, is a 2003 production of Erickson-Zapata Productions. Pomona College Alumni News says of the video:

"Milford Zornes" is the first in a series of Artist Documentaries planned by this publisher. "At 95, Milford Zornes is one of California's great water color painters, a maverick and an adventurer. The Claremont, California resident is the last living founder of the California Water Color Movement that gained national attention during the 1930's for its bold, daring style... Zornes and other young California painters turned the gloomy days of the Great Depression into a golden era for West Coast art. Painters such as Millard Sheets, Phil Dike, Emil Kosa, Phil Paradise, Lee Blair and Milford Zornes joined together to take what they did not know and change the way Americans looked at art and themselves... Zornes recalls the excitement, jealousies and competition among his contemporaries... This documentary is an amazing opportunity to meet Milford Zornes as he travels back in time to go behind the scenes to introduce the artists who took up the challenge to create a new art for a floundering nation... Zornes is still an incurable globetrotter, whose work captures nearly 80 years of history, people and places... "

Milford Zornes, Watercolor Master is available through Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena, CA. 626-568-3665.

Milford Zornes: A Life of Canvas, is an independent film on the life of California painter Milford Zornes, which premiered in September 2000. Screenplay by Sharon Dymmel who is an award-winning screenwriter for both the feature film and television broadcast industries.

Plein Air: Painting the American Landscape episodes take the viewer on a journey, from Cape Cod, where the Atlantic meets the land, to the peak of

Denali, the "Great One," North America's tallest mountain. Other episodes feature the Tongass Rain Forest; Seward, Alaska; Taos, New Mexico; Trinidad, Colorado; and central Michigan.

Plein air artists featured in the series include Matt Smith of Scottsdale, Arizona; Kenn Backhaus of Robesonia, Pennsylvania; Jean LeGassick of Silver City, Nevada; Connecticut artist Charles Sovek; Utah artist Ron Rencher; and Frank LaLumia of Trinidad, Colorado. Episodes features one or two of the contemporary plein air painters and examine their technique plus history of the plein air genre. Plein Air: Painting the American Landscape appeals to art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike and helps viewers to understand America's own naturalist art form.

For more than a century, a unique group of American artists ventured out of their studios to capture the essence of the American landscape. Some learned their craft from the French Impressionists, others through trial and error. What unites them is their dedication to the interplay of land, water and sky, and the study of how light, shadow and color form the varied and rich masks of the natural world.

This six-part series premiered in August 2007 on PBS and was presented in high definition. Underwriters for the series are Rasmuson Foundation and Joan Irvine Smith & Athalie R. Clarke Foundation. The producer is Greg Bombeck of Bombeck Productions and the PBS presenter is KTOO Juneau. DVDs are available through Bombeck Productions, LLC, 18016 Kamkoff Ave., P.O. Box 770302, Eagle River, AK 99577.

Time Captured in Paintings: The Monterey Legacy was released by the Monterey Museum of Art which tells the story of Monterey's art colony, including artists Armin Hansen, E. Charlton Fortune, Henrietta Shore, William Ritschel, Gottardo Piazzoni, Xavier Martinez, and others. Jack Lemmon narrates this 28 minute 1991 presentation by Steve Rosen and Terri DeBono. From the arrival of French painter Gaspard Duche de Vancy in 1786, to the thriving creative community of today, this video demonstrates the wide variety of art inspired by the region.

Visions of California: The Story of California Scene Painting, produced by Paul Bockhorst for KOCE Public Television in collaboration with The Irvine Museum, is the 1994 story of California Scene Painting 1925-1950. Bockhorst, working with scores of collectors and dozens of institutions and museums nationwide, has created a three-part series of artistic delight and intellectual insight that features almost 150 works of art. Each part is 28 minutes in length with a total viewing time of 84 minutes. Available through the Irvine Museum.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #404 - ARTISTS is a 28 minute 1996 video in which "Huell visits with Milford Zornes and Guillermo Bert, two L.A. artists with very different styles. We'll go to both artists studios and get a peak at their work." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1505 - DIORAMA is a 28 minute DVD/VHS video in which "Huell visits the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County to discover the history of its famous animal dioramas... A visit with Robert Reid who has been the resident artist for 20 years at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and the man responsible for creating all of the beautiful dioramas. From deserts to beaches, Robert captures the natural beauty with his paint brushes. Robert works closely with Tim Bovard who is the Taxidermist and the man responsible for making all those animals look so lifelike. Together, they make a unique team." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #726 - GARDENA ART is a 28 minute 1999 video by Huell Howser Productions. "Beginning in 1919, the graduating classes of Gardena High School bestowed gifts of paintings upon their beloved school. This program lasted until 1956, and amassed more than 90 works. Soon after the program ended, many of the paintings were stored away and forgotten about. Along with several Gardena High School Alumni, Huell visits the Irvine Museum to see an exhibit of 31 fully-restored paintings from this important collection." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1005 - MOSAICS is a 28 minute 2002 video by Huell Howser Productions. "You've seen his work all across the Southland. Meet Denis O'Connor master mosaic artist, who has created some of the largest and most amazing mosaics in America." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #738 - MURALS is a 28 minute video by Huell Howser Productions. "Huell visits a local elementary school to join a group of 5th graders on a field trip to some of LA's many murals. Along for the ride is the artists himself to discuss his art with the children. All in all it's a great LA day!" Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #911 - PANORAMA is a 28 minute 2007 video by Huell Howser Productions. "Sara Velas is an artist with one passion--panoramas. On a drive through Hollywood, Velas looked past the round, kitschy, South Pacific design of the building at 5553 Hollywood Boulevard, and saw the perfect rotunda for a panorama. Velas shares her knowledge of this popular Victorian art form with Huell, as well as her inspired painting of the Los Angeles basin housed inside the Tswuun Tswuun Rotunda." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #109 - WATTS TOUR is a 28 minute video by Huell Howser Productions. "Ride with members of the Los Angeles Conservancy on the Blue Line to the Watts Towers where they are met by young docents who conduct an inspiring tour of the Watts Towers Art Center." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

William Keith: The Artist and His Times, is a 1995 video running 23 minutes and features images from the St. Mary's College Collection.

A Studio Miramar Production. The Gallery web site says of the video: "When William Keith arrives in California in 1859, he begins a fifty-year artistic and emotional journey. His early paintings strive to capture the drama of the Western wilderness. But by the 1890s, Keith paints subtle, intimate landscapes that reveal his artistic and spiritual maturity. In this documentary, more than fifty of Keith's paintings show the range of his artistic vision. Historic photographs, footage of California scenes today, and the words of the artist, his friend John Muir, and their contemporaries help tell the story of this remarkable artist and his times." The Gallery's description adds: "Studio Miramar has remastered our excellent video, 'William Keith: The Artist and His Times,' into dvd format. An important addition to the library of works about the late 19th century master artist, the comprehensive, educational and entertaining presentation juxtaposes rare archival photographs with spectacular contemporary footage of the Western wilderness, extensive presentation of Keith's paintings, and the words of John Muir, Keith, and others." (right: VHS video cover)


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