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Phase two

Rather than using websites listed in the Art Museum, Gallery and Art Center index and Academies, Associations, Ateliers and Societies index, for phase two TFAO uses the National Calendar of Exhibitions as a guide to research prior exhibits. The institutions canvassed in phase one are excluded. Phase two began in late 2015.

Research protocol

The research protocol is:
1. Open a browser window showing TFAO's Art Museum, Gallery and Art Center index.
2. Open a browser window showing TFAO's National Calendar of Exhibitions starting with 2005 exhibits.
3. Compare year by year the list of institutions in National Calendar of Exhibitions with museums listed in the Art Museum, Gallery and Art Center index, Academies, Associations, Ateliers and Societies index and institutions found in phase one not included in these indexes (see note below).
4. list below all institutions found in the National Calendar of Exhibitions that were not listed in the Art Museum, Gallery and Art Center index, Academies, Associations, Ateliers and Societies index and institutions found in phase one not included in these indexes.
5. click on the website name of each institution identified in step 4.
6. For any past exhibit listed in the institution's website having qualified information related to a topic without extensive Resource Library coverage of the exhibit, create an entry for the exhibit within the "Other Web Resources" section for the topic in the Topics in American Art catalog. Qualified information posted online must include either extended press releases, multi-paragraph texts or curator essays. Also included may be checklists, object labels, wall panel texts, catalogs, brochures, multiple images, and video gallery tours. If TFAO becomes aware of university museums using the Digital Commons platform, an additional part of TFAO's research protocol is to use Google search to locate URLs for Digital Commons posts. Digital Commons materials are best accessed via basic Google search by entering keywords from an exhibition's name followed by the museum's name.
7. Each qualified entry will have the name of the exhibit (with link) followed by the dates of the exhibit, the name of the exhibiting museum, a brief description of the type of online information, followed by the month and year that TFAO accessed the museum's website. The brief description may indicate that a curator's essay, online video, checklist, etc. is included.
8. after analysis of information is each institution's website, the level of information found along with the month and year of analysis, is listed after the institution's name. Levels are E for extensive, M for moderate and N for negligible as defined in the phase one protocol.

Benefits of phase two

As was the case for phase one, many additional references are being added to the Topics in American Art catalog.

List of institutions, audit date and classification

Ann Arbor District Library N 12/15
Arlington Heights Historical Museum N 12/15
Arrow Rock State Historic Site N 12/15
Art Museum of South Texas E 12/15
Bicentennial Art Center and Museum N 12/15
Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art E 12/15
Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery M 12/15
Brunnier Art Museum and Christian Petersen Art Museum N 12/15
Columbia River Maritime Museum N 12/15
Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art M 12/15
Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science N 12/15
George A. Spiva Center for the Arts N 12/15
Grey Art Gallery of New York University E 12/15
Hilliard University Art Museum / University of Louisiana at Lafayette M 12/15
Hope Horn Gallery N 12/15
Irvington Historical Society N 12/15
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft E 12/15
Koehnline Museum of Art M12/15
Latino Art Museum N 12/15
Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art M12/15
Michigan State University Museum E 12/15 (virtual exhibits)
Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery N 12/15
Nasher Sculpture Center M12/15
National Museum of the Marine Corps N 12/15
Newington-Cropsey Foundation N 12/15
Nicolaysen Art Museum & Discovery Center M12/15
River Valley Pioneer Museum N 12/15
Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum M12/15
Samek Art Museum M12/15
Sam Houston Memorial Museum N 12/15
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art E 12/15
Santa Paula Art Museum N 12/15
Society of the Four Arts N 12/15
Sordoni Art Gallery M12/15
Stauth Memorial Museum M12/15
Syracuse University Art Galleries M12/15
Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College N 12/15
Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council E 12/15
Turchin Center for the Visual Arts at Appalachian State University E 12/15
University of Mississippi Museum, Oxford E 12/15
von Liebig Art Center N 12/15
Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center unable to connect
Zanesville Museum of Art N 12/15



From phase one, institutions not included in the Art Museum, Gallery and Art Center index, Academies, Associations, Ateliers and Societies index and Survey of Online Exhibition Catalogues, Brochures, Gallery Guides and Related Materials with:

extensive information:

Bellarmine Museum of Art 3/14, Berkeley Art Museum, 2013, Guggenheim Museum, 2012, Kennedy Museum of Art, 2015, Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon, 2013.

moderate level of information:

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art 4/15.

negligible information:


Phase one audit or brochure acesss dates are shown after each institution's name,


An invitation

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Volunteers are welcome to contribute suggestions for additional content in this catalogue. Please see Catalogue and database management for details. Of special interest are suggestions for additional links outside of the TFAO website concerning listed topics.


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